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          Kitten Gallery!
Please send in your Images of your kitten with a
                  few Lines about him/her for addition on our kitten Gallery! 
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Toffee. Whom was a kitten amonst Kittens!! Every So  Full of Bounce & character! Favourite Spot to sit,- (Right under the Lamp shade) Her owner writes, she I believe thinks she is a very expensive Lamp Stand!! She just sits there in just the correct spot warming herself under the Shade, with her nose pointing up to the celling as if Sunbathing!

Below "Toffee" as an adult!

Her Owner writes...If She were a Human, She would be one of these Funny eccentric types! she`s Special and she`s wacky!l!



If you Send us a photo as a Kitten, then A photo of him as an Adult, they will be displayed together! Dont Forget to write a few Lines about him! Also details of Age if possible and if its a Girl or boy and of course, the Name!


Pictured as a kitten here! Twinkle is now a Big Girl belonging to Julie Living in the Midlands in a small Village! Julie re-named her Kitten as "Jessa" after much thought. She tells how One Evening when Jessa walked up to the other end of the Village to meet her Father from the Pub as She often did, something terrible happened. -  Jessa was missing from her usual waiting spot just outside the Pub. Her father walked home and on the way found Jessa on the side of the road and had been badly injured.   Luckily Jessa Survived after being found in time and saved by the Vet.


Here is a Lovely Image of "Saffie & Willow" Two British Short Haired Kittens. Both are Brother & Sister! Willow is very Outgoing & Nosey & extremely handsome and Saffie the girl is quite Shy but very beautiful and petite. Their owner hopes to have a litter from Saffie in the future!